What Should You Do if You’re Charged With Violating Probation?

What Should You Do if You’re Charged With Violating Probation?

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If you violate the terms of your probation, you could face serious consequences. For example, if you fail to report to your probation officer or you commit a crime while on probation, you could find yourself behind bars without bail. It’s extremely important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to stand up for your rights.

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What are the terms of your probation?

While the terms of your probation may vary, the state of Florida has set guidelines for offenders. If you’re on probation, you may need to follow certain rules, such as:

You can’t associate with others involved in criminal activities.
You can’t commit other crimes.
You must report to your probation officer.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re accused of violating your probation, get in touch with Thibault Law as soon as possible. We’ll work quickly to provide the necessary defense so that you can get on with your life after a VOP charge.