Don't let a Drug Crime ruin your life

Hire St. Augustine, Fl Drug Crimes Attorney Thibault Law

The St. Augustine, Fl Drug Crimes Attorney at Thibault Law understand that criminal drug charges in St. Augustine are very serious and come with huge penalty’s. If convicted or found guilty of a drug crime in St Augustine, you should take the matter serious.  They can come with huge penalties, probation or even prison time.  Florida has the stirckest drug crime laws in the country.  And they attribute most violent crime to drug use usually.  Don’t be caught between a rock and a hard place.  Let the experienced St Augustine Attorney at Thibault Law help you to fight your case in court. 

There are many different types of drug crime charges in St. Augustine and the rest of Florida:

Drug Possession which entails any drug charge where you are in possession of an illegal substance, but is not limited to that and can include an instance where the substance is found near your persons. Or in a situation where you knew of the illegal substance.

Drug Trafficking which can entail but not limited to any drug charge where you are transporting illegal drugs or arraigning transportation.  This is a serious charge and you should not face it alone.  Thibault Law is here to help.

Drug Manufacturing can include any instance where you are caught packing, labeling or manufacturing illegal drugs.  This can extend to any synthetic substance added to drugs.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Drug Paraphernalia charges can include but not limited to being found with items on your persons or in the area you are in that are related to illegal drugs.   

With these just being brief overviews, drug charges in St. Augustine are serious and can be charged as felony or misdemeanor crimes and you will need a great attorney with in dept knowledge of the legal system. Hire St. Augustine Florida’s Drug Crime Attorney at Thibault Law today!