Get Compassionate Assistance for Your Arrangement

Get Compassionate Assistance for Your Arrangement

Domestic partnerships in St. Augustine, Florida

A domestic partnership, opposed to a marriage, is a better option for some couples. Thibault Law helps couples in St. Augustine, Florida form domestic partnerships. If you want tax breaks and other benefits from living together, call Thibault Law for legal assistance. We can assist you with the domestic partnership process in Florida. We’re on your side for you and your partner.

Who can benefit from a domestic partnership?

Both heterosexual and homosexual couples can enter a domestic partnership. In Florida, different counties treat domestic partnerships in different ways. Some counties recognize and honor this arrangement, others do not. Thibault Law can assist you in St. Augustine, FL area if you are looking to enter a domestic partnership.

Gain legal protection and benefit from other advantages of a domestic partnership. Call Thibault Law for assistance with the legal complexities involved with this arrangement. We’re available at 904-814-8351.