Don't File for Divorce Without A Divorce Attorney

Don't File for Divorce Without A Divorce Attorney

Hire Thibault Law before filing in St. Augustine, FL

Are you planning to file for divorce? Don’t face mediation or the divorce court alone! Hire a divorce attorney at Thibault Law. Our St. Augustine, Florida law firm is experienced in the full range of divorce court issues, challenges and procedures. Offering real solutions and smart recommendations, you’ll find no better partner for your upcoming divorce filing.

When faced with divorce, it can be a nightmare. This has to be one of the most difficult processes a person can go through. With emotions, finances, families and even more hanging in the balance, you should never go through this process alone. Emotions always run high when getting a divorce, dealing with heartbreak, stress, and fear. Why would you ever want to add any more to the mix. Thibault Law in St Augustine, is here to help with your divorce. We will not only take away any unnecessary grief and stress. Sometimes the situation can be amicable and if so let us help you walk through a petition for dissolution. However, if there are properties to divide, child custody issues, or other issues that need mediated, then we can provide services needed for uncontested divorce. And if things take a turn for the worst we can help you with the contested divorce process. Even in cases that need interpretation of prenuptial agreements, child custody agreements, and more Thibault Law of St. Augustine, FL is here to help.

Each case is different and Thibault Law will provide our expertise to help make this already traumatic divorce experience as smooth as possible. We are your St. Augustine, FL divorce attorney and we are ready to get to work for you.

Divorce is rarely easy – but hiring a divorce attorney at Thibault Law can help you to streamline the legal process.

We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls

We’ll advise you during every step of the process.Our St. Augustine divorce attorney can help you avoid common mistakes such as:

Uneven property distribution
Surrendering your rights as a parent
Unfair alimony agreements

Let us put you in the best possible legal position as you enter your new life. Call 904-814-8351 to schedule a free consultation with an divorce attorney today!