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Child Custody in St. Augustine, Fl: Best Interest of the Child Rule:

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When parent’s divorce in St. Augustine, Florida judges will base their decision on what is the best interest of the child when it pertains to parenting arraignments. Every case is looked at separately however, Florida law recognizes that it is most beneficial for child. In determining this a court will consider the following:

• Each parents willingness to support a relationship with the other parent and the child, how each parent honor the time-sharing schedule, and if they are reasonable when it changes.
• Each parents willingness to take care of the childs needs, over their own.
• The mental, physical and emotional health of both parents
• Any history of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence, child neglect, or abandonment.
• The wishes of the child, if the court deems the child old enough and able to understand (usually 12 years of older)
• Each parents ability to involve themselves in the child’s school and extracurricular activities.

Relocation and Child Custody in St. Augustine, FL:

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Relocation and Child Custody in St. Augustine, FL:
A court in Florida will only agree to one parent relocating with a child or children if an agreement is written and signed by both parents that:
• Consents to the relocation.
• Details the time-sharing schedule for the parent that is not relocating.
• Details transportation arraignments related to time-sharing.
The relocating parent must serve a signed petition to the other parent as soon as possible, the petition has to include:
• The address, phone number, and a description of the new place.
• The date of the move.
• A statement on why they need to move.

Modification of a Child Custody order in St. Augustine, FL:
A child custody order in St. Augustine, Florida will not be modified unless a parent or a third party (guardian ad litem) can show a substantial, material, or unanticipated change in circumstances. The modification in the order must go towards the child's best interests.